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  • High Precision spectrometer for foundry
  • High Precision spectrometer for foundry
  • High Precision spectrometer for foundry
  • High Precision spectrometer for foundry

High Precision spectrometer for foundry

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Spark JB-750 Spectrometer for foundry emission spectrometer, adhering to the Jiebo company over the years of high-quality traditional and decades of experience in development and design, and the integration of modern fashion design concept is Jiebo company launched the latest photomultiplier tube professional direct reading spectrometer. JB-750 is your best choice for the rapid and accurate analysis of solid metal samples in the laboratory.

JB750 spectrometer for foundry Optical Emission Spectrometer is the best assistant for rapid quantitative analysis of metallurgical furnace and metallic quality monitoring. Its accuracy and stability meet laboratory requirements and can make measurements for dozens of matrix based on elements such as Fe,Al,Cu,Ni,Co,Ti,Mg,Zn,Sn,Pb, etc. It is widely used in steel, metallurgy, foundry and machinery for IQC, QC and OQC.
JB-750 is a design of zero fault operation, which requires little maintenance and offering high reliability and convenience.



  • 750 mm focal length grating design with palmer type-runge device which has the features of high vacuum, high resolution and high sensitivity etc.
  •  Adopt high stability digital sources. You can choose different excitation parameters to analyze different samples which can get the best analysis results.
  • The automation is very high which adopts high integration of the acquisition and control system.
  • The photomultiplier tubes from Hamamatsu which has the features of low dark current, high signal-to-noise ratio, long service life etc.
  •  It can be used for variety of bases such as Fe, Al, Cu, Co, Ni, Pb, Mg, Zn, Sn etc.
  •  The temperature of the optical part is stable which ensure the instrument running well and reduce the requirement of the environment.
  • The system adopts independent power supply and becomes unit which is easy to use and simple maintenance.
  • The computer adopts Windows 7 system and English operation software which is simple to understand.


Main Parameters

Excitation light source:
Supply voltage: 50Hz, 220V ± 1%
Input power: 1.0KVA
Charging capacitor: pre-combustion 8μF, exposure 1.5μF
Peak Current: pre-combustion 100A, exposure 20A
The main circuit peak pressure: 300VDC (with automatic adjustment of peak pressure)
Ignition circuit: pulse amplitude: +15 KV
Auxiliary gap: Using Tunnel Diode
Discharge frequency: 200 Hz ~ 600 Hz
Sample sets of gap: 4mm
Analysis band range: 160 ~ 650nm
Machine engraved concave grating: Curvature radius of 750mm
Depicts the density: 1667/mm
Incidence angle: 35 degrees
Allows a maximum of channels: 40 (expandable to 64 channels)
Spectrometer Local temperature: 35 °C ± 0.5 °C
Control System:
Measurement and Control System: The single board computer measurement and control, data exchange with the Host Computer
Reproducibility: RSD ≤ 0.2%
Photomultiplier tube high voltage power supply:
Stability: 8 hours is better than 0.5%

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