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  • Metal analyzer spectrometer with high precision
  • Metal analyzer spectrometer with high precision
  • Metal analyzer spectrometer with high precision
  • Metal analyzer spectrometer with high precision

Metal analyzer spectrometer with high precision

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Spark JB-750 emission spectrometer, adhering to the Jiebo company over the years of high-quality traditional and decades of experience in development and design, and the integration of modern fashion design concept is Jiebo company launched the latest photomultiplier tube professional direct reading spectrometer. JB-750 is your best choice for the rapid and accurate analysis of solid metal samples in the laboratory.

We provide 12 channel Metal analyzer spectrometer  includes a complete computer system, a factory calibration curve, and provide on-site installation and user training and a year of comprehensive quality warranty service. According to the needs of user analysis, users can increase the analysis of the channel, increase the analysis of matrix. Can also be used to increase the factory calibration curve, or the user to use their own standard sample analysis curve, greatly to meet the user requirements.

Spectral lines:
These excited atoms and ions in the discharge plasma create a unique emission spectrum for the element, It can be seen that even a single element generates numerous emission spectral lines.
Therefore, the light generated by the discharge can be said to be a collection of the spectral lines generated by the elements in the sample. This light is split by a diffraction grating to extract the emission spectrum for the target elements. The intensity of each emission spectrum depends on the content of the element in the sample. The detectors (photomultiplier tubes) measure the absence or presence of the spectrum extracted for each element and the intensity of the spectrum to perform the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elements.


Allocating and analyzing channel and quantitative work scale

Major Features

1Metal analyzer spectrometer human oriented design, the standardized and modularized manufacture make the apparatus smaller.

2,The core components are all imported, which strengthen the stability and reliability of the apparatus.

3,We adopt the advanced foreign technologies of excitation source and design the excitation source of high energy, high stability by our own to fulfill the needs of ultrahigh content and trace analysis.

4,It adopts overall exit slit using technology which is convenient for choosing passage and regulating.

5,The high voltage of the PHT in the apparatus is controlled directly by computer and regulated by software, which improved efficiency of the passage.

6,In the apparatus, there is an automatic constant temperature system which solve the problem of bad effects to the optics system caused by changing temperature.

7Metal analyzer spectrometer multi-language operation software and flexible configuration enable the apparatus more humanistic.

8,This apparatus can analyze various kinds of matrix, such as Fe, Co, Ni, Ti, Cu, Al, Pb, Mg, Zn and Sn.



Analysis band range: 140~800nm

Machine engraved concave grating: Curvature radius of 750mm

Depicts the density: 1667/mm

Incidence angle: 35 degrees

Allows a maximum of channels: 36

Spectrometer Local temperature: 35 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃

Control System:

Measurement and Control System: The single board computer measurement and control, data exchange with the Host Computer

Reproducibility: RSD ≤ 0.2%

Photomultiplier tube high voltage power supply:

Stability: 8 hours is better than 0.5%


Data processing system

1,   Hardware configuration (basic configuration)

Computer: 250G/2G /19 LCD


2,   Software functions

Multi-languages operation software under WINDOWS operation system

Various samples calibrate one analysis result simultaneously

Polygon and polynomial curve fitting

The concentration base of drawing curve management

Matrix correction and disturbance correction

There is a power management module

Quality controlling standard and management

System condition inspection

Data outputting management

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