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  • Low Price optical spectrometer
  • Low Price optical spectrometer
  • Low Price optical spectrometer

Low Price optical spectrometer

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Spark JB-750 emission spectrometer, adhering to the Jiebo company over the years of high-quality traditional and decades of experience in development and design, and the integration of modern fashion design concept is Jiebo company launched the latest photomultiplier tube professional direct reading spectrometer. JB-750 is your best choice for the rapid and accurate analysis of solid metal samples in the laboratory.

Optical spectrometer has been proved to be a mature and effective spectral analysis technology for 20 years. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high accuracy and long service life for solid metal samples.

We provide 12 channel JB-750 spectrometer includes a complete computer system, a factory calibration curve, and provide on-site installation and user training and a year of comprehensive quality warranty service. According to the needs of user analysis, users can increase the analysis of the channel, increase the analysis of matrix. Can also be used to increase the factory calibration curve, or the user to use their own standard sample analysis curve, greatly to meet the user requirements.

This apparatus is widely used in material analysis of various industries, such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, metallurgy, machinery, chemical equipment, quality inspection system and so on. It is also used in blast furnace analysis, routine identification and analysis in metallic smelt industry.

Optical spectrometer optical Emission Spectrometer is the best assistant for rapid quantitative analysis of metallurgical furnace and metallic quality monitoring. Its accuracy and stability meet laboratory requirements and can make measurements for dozens of matrix based on elements such as Fe,Al,Cu,Ni,Co,Ti,Mg,Zn,Sn,Pb, etc. It is widely used in steel, metallurgy, foundry and machinery for IQC, QC and OQC.
JB-750 is a design of zero fault operation, which requires little maintenance and offering high reliability and convenience.


Adjuvant Equipments (self-prepared)
1. Two cylinders of high purity argon gas. (The purity degree>99.996%)
2. One YQY-6 Oxygen reducing valve.
3. One argon gas purifier.
Power supply 
1. Electronic AC Power Supply(≥3KV, single phase 220V)
2. Independent exclusive Ground line, grounding resistance less than 2Ω, 
Standard samples
Analyzing different materials, choosing curve samples and controlling curves.
Environmental equipment
1. Install air conditioner according to the size of the place laid the apparatus.
2. Install dehumidifier in humid areas.
3. One small vacuum cleaner.

Apparatus installation:
1. The apparatus installation should be guided by the engineers of our company.
2. Check the goods and packing list to affirm that they are qualified and the contents match the instructions.
3. Check whether or not the lab is qualified for using the apparatus.
4. Install and start the apparatus to check if everything works well.
5. Test and adjust according to the requirements on the technical contract. Make sure that the apparatus complies with the requirements.
6. Train the users, including: operate apparatus, use software of the apparatus and daily maintenances of the apparatus.

Equipment acceptance:
Choose one or two sets of national standard samples appointed by both parties and check the equipment ,Check Optical spectrometer and analyze the precision with repeated acceptance checking program and fill the installation and acceptance checking report.

After-sales service:
1. This apparatus has a 12-month warranty since the date of install and inspection.
2. Beyond the warranty period, company will still provide after-sales service.


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