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XRF spectrometer

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EDX8300H absorbs all the advantages of EDX series and is additionally equipped with vacuum system, so that it expands testing scope, improves the detection limit and enhances the data stability.

ROHS,toy safety,electronics,ceramics and plastics,leather jewelry,environmental protection,food safety,plating thickness,metal alloy and so on.

Technical specification:

l         Measurable element: element K (potassium) - element U (uranium),total 72 elements. 

l         Element content:2 PPM - 99.99%;

l         Measurement time: 100-300 Seconds

l         Energy Resolution: 149 ± 5 ev

l         X-ray tube maximum output current: 1mA;

l         High voltage maximum output power: 50w(Voltage:5-50Kv Current:50-1000uA)

l         Sample chamber size: 610mm*320mm*100mm

l         Volume:700mm*430mm*400mm 

l         Weight: 68kgs

Main Feature:

l         EDX8300 is a special product which designed by ROHS, EN71 environmental directives.

l         Break the traditional instruments’ straight design,adopt the streamlined design in overall body, really

fashion and simple.

l         Adopt Newest Si-pin detectors, Cooling by electric rather than liquid nitrogen,small size, accurate

data analysis,and low sped in maintenance cost.

l         Using self-developed SES signal processing system,could effectively improve the sensitivity in

measurement,and give a accurate measurement.

l         One-touched automatic test,more easier operation,more convenient,and more humane.

l         Seven kinds correct systems for lighting path correction,could be switched automatically by different

kinds of sample.

l         Multiple protection design against radiation leakage,own the highest level among the similar

products in same level.

l         Advanced integrated radiating design,which greatly improve the whole cooling performance,and

ensure the safe operation of the core components.

l         Unique movement temperature control technology, which ensure the safe and reliable operation of

the X-ray source,extend its long-life time,and reduce the using cost.

l         Multiple protection system in instrument parts,could control the entire process through Software,


which will make the instrument more stable and secure while working.

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