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CS996 Type High-frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulphur Analyzer compatible applying with WF-T88 Type High frequency automatic inductive combustion furnace, can fleetly and exactly measure the carbon and sulfur in steel, iron, alloy, nonferrous metals, cement, ore and other materials. This equipment is a high-tech products integrate light, motor, electronic, computer and analysis technology, with features of wide measuring scope, strong anti interference, multiple function, easy to operate, accurate and reliable analysis result.
wide measuring range 
strong anti-interference 
precision of read :0.0001g 
used in steel and metal materials analysis 


Main Parameter:

1. Measure Range:

Carbon: w(C) 0.0001%-10.0000% (can be extended to 99.99%)

Sulphur: w(C) 0.0001%-2.0000% (can be extended to 99.99%)

2. Analysis Error:

Carbon: accord with ISO9556 standard

Sulfur: accord with ISO4935 standard

3. Time of analysis:

25 to 60 seconds, could be adjusted. Around 35 seconds usually

4. Electronic balance:

Weighing range: 0-120g

Precision of read: 0.0001g

5. High frequency furnace:

Power: 2.5KVA

Frequency: 20MHz

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