Direct reading spectrometer is waiting for you to inspect

       Seeing is believing. Seeing our strength will make you believe us more.
       Baner Techno Trading is a distributor of experimental equipment in Algeria. The company has set up an office in Yiwu. The main selling areas are in schools, research institutes and other industries. Recently, a university in Algeria needs to purchase a direct-reading spectrometer. There are many suppliers of direct-reading spectrometer. How to choose a cost-effective and high-quality company is a problem for all customers. Mr.Mark Mihiretu is also one of the issues considered. Mr. Mark Mihiretu, the sales director, learns about the products through the Internet platform and contacts us for direct reading spectrometer technical parameters. Foreign trade manager introduced them to our JB-750 type direct reading spectrometer. In order to let our customers better understand our company and products, we sincerely invite them to visit the company. 

      On April 26, 2016, Mr. Mark Mihiretu, accompanied by our sales manager and technical engineer, Hydraulic Engineering, conducted an inspection of our company. Our company's production workshop, production company and clean production site have left a good impression on our customers. Mr. Mark Mihiretu brought in some standard samples, and the technical engineer conducted on-site accuracy and repeatability tests for the customer. Mr.Mark Mihiretu is satisfied with the results of the test and has a better understanding of the operation of the instrument. Signed the contract with us immediately.
      A direct reading spectrometer is not just talking about products, but also speaking with strength. We welcome more customers to visit.
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