Impact Of Optical Emission Spectrometer Continuous Excitation On The Spark Standing Heating

1. Impact on the constant temperature system: At present, almost all spectroscopic instruments on the market have certain requirements for temperature. They are also most afraid of temperature instability and light is sensitive to temperature. However, the spark table is hot, which may cause local temperature in the optical room The change in the detection light intensity leads to a change in the detected light intensity, and the detected data will be biased. Therefore, in general, the optical room must be kept at a constant temperature.

2, the impact on the excitation system: long-term overheating may cause the spark table to deform, which may indirectly change the excitation interval, which indirectly leads to changes in the excitation light intensity and affects changes in the detection data.
3, the heat can not effectively spread may have an impact on the transmittance of the lens, which will affect the focus of the light and will also affect the change of the data intensity.
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