How do casting companies choose the pre-furnace carbon-silicon analysis instrument to detect the composition of molten iron?

In the production process, the foundry needs to know the main chemical components of molten iron in the melting furnace at any time in order to guide the production operation. So, how does the foundry choose the pre-furnace carbon-silicon analysis instrument to detect the molten iron composition? When choosing, we need to understand how the molten iron is a solidification process. What changes will happen in this process?

The temperature change curve of molten iron during the solidification process will change phase. With the release or absorption of crystallization heat, the inflection point, that is, the characteristic value, appears on the cooling curve. The characteristic value is related to the chemical composition and properties of molten iron. Adding certain alloying elements to the sample cup can change the solidification mode of the cast iron and thus be applied to the testing of different performance parameters of cast iron. 

It is used to analyze the carbon and silicon content and carbon equivalent in the molten iron before the furnace, and measure the temperature of the molten iron in the sample cup. Working through an improved evaluation method, it can automatically control important metallurgical parameters to meet the quality control requirements of foundry production. The analysis speed is fast and the operation is simple. It is an ideal equipment for rapid analysis and detection of molten iron in front of the furnace. The carbon equivalent CEL, the carbon content C%, the silicon content Si%, the burning temperature TM, the liquidus temperature TL, and the solidus temperature TS of the original iron water such as gray iron and ductile iron are tested.

No need for laboratories and laboratory technicians, it can be operated by the furnace, and a meter displays the data. Measured content range: carbon content CE measurement range 3.20-4.83% accuracy: ±0.1%, carbon content C: measurement range 2.80-4.20% accuracy: ±0.04%, silicon content Si: measurement range 0.90-3.00% accuracy: ±0.1 %. 
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