JB-750 direct reading spectrometer goes abroad again to the world

      The world is so big that I want to see it. This is the 252nd time that Jie Bo direct reading spectrometer has stepped out of the country and stepped into the world. Jabo, the most influential direct reading spectrometer expert in China.
      SARL HALLOUYA MOUSSAOUI is a small and medium-sized high-tech enterprise in Algeria, specializing in the production and sale of aluminum alloy. Their sales of steel and aluminium occupy the whole market and are one of Algeria's major aluminium system companies.

      In April 2016, Mr. Mouaici Nassim, the head of the company's technical department, visited our company. The materials they were testing were mainly steel and aluminium. Mr. Mouaici Nassim, an engineer from Gebo, listened to the presentation of Mr. Mouaici Nassim. He made a plan for them to equip them with two substrates, iron and aluminium, with a total of 16 channels. The samples they brought were tested in the field, and Mr. Mouaici Nassim was very satisfied with the sensitivity and accuracy of the samples.
      In June 2016, after-sales engineer Xiao Jin of JB-750 went to Algeria to install and debug the JB-750 direct-reading spectrometer exported to Algeria, and conducted on-site technical training, one by one in detail in the operation of the problems and points for attention. After a few days of getting along and understanding, foreign friends were deeply impressed by our engineers'conscientious and responsible work attitude, our products and after-sales received the praise of customers, and promised that if there is equipment procurement next time, Gebo is still their preferred partner!
      It is no longer a dream to go out of the country. The direct reading spectrometer does not do the best, but does better.