A good infrared carbon sulfur analyzer manufacturer, it is worth waiting for you to wait.

      A good product is worth waiting for by customers. After a week of cruising around, the customer said he was willing to wait, and Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd eventually took the time to wait for the opportunity to work with Gerber.

      Founded in 1997, Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd operates on three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd is a modern mining company focusing on exploration, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, deep processing and sales of non-ferrous metals and other mineral resources.

      Mr. Jack wanted to buy two infrared carbon and sulfur meters because of the company's production needs. Please ask Miss Zhao of the China office for an inquiry. Miss Zhao looked for Jeb and gave him the relevant quotation sheet materials to check one by one. After seeing our JB certification, Miss Zhao wants to know more about our company's strength through our JB cooperation customers, because the purchasing company decided to choose the final one between our JB and a foreign customer.

      Gebo Sales Engineers are all over the world. I showed Miss Zhao some pictures of Gebo Engineers visiting and signing cooperation letters of intent in Impro, Honeywell, China Coal Group, China Anhui Research and other large enterprises. In the process of understanding, Miss Zhao is more inclined to be made in China. We sincerely invite Mr. Jack and Miss Zhao to visit our production base in Langxi, Anhui Province, China, for the purpose of reaching this order.

      On April 28, Mr. Jack and Miss Zhao both came to our production base of infrared carbon and sulfur meter. Huanggong, R&D Department of our company, accompanied by Huanggong, visited and inspected. Mr. Jack also took their company's products for on-site testing. After several tests and detailed explanation by Huanggong, Mr. Jack was very satisfied with our instrument. He summarized. Let's take a look at the characteristics of our instrument: wide measurement range, fast speed, accurate analysis, simple operation, Mr. Jack said on the spot that we would like to cooperate with us to buy our instrument. But because the company's recent orders are full and there is a May Day holiday in the middle, we say that their two infrared carbon and sulfur meters may have to be built back in line and wait for a while. If the delivery time can not be met, we can only regret it, but I never expected Mr. Jack said that even if the delivery cycle needs to be extended, but for High quality products and services, willing to wait for a few days. 
      Thanks to the company's trust in us, I also communicated with the Production and Technology Department to cancel the May Day holiday, and ultimately to ensure that Mr. Jack's two instruments shipped earlier than expected. Mr. Jack said that as a manufacturer of high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur meter, it is worth waiting for, because of the professional and good quality of service.
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