Direct reading spectrometer Pakistan air consortium choose Wuxi Jie Bo, do you believe it or not

        It is the pride of the Pakistani people to persevere in pursuing the "technologically advanced" helicopter fighter, and we have reason to pursue the "technologically advanced" Jebo, which has become the pride of China's instrumentation industry. As a large-scale aviation enterprise, in the detection instrument on the choice of Jiebo direct reading spectrometer, believe it or not, I believe it.
       Pakistan aviation complex is the most important aviation enterprise in Pakistan. It is responsible for the production and maintenance of several main operational models, as well as the development and production of avionics system. Despite funding shortages and U.S. military sanctions, the Pakistani Air Commonwealth (PAC) continues to provide high-quality services to its air force, making it the backbone of Pakistani military aviation.

      On March 20, 2016, the Pakistani Aviation Consortium (PAC) decided to seek out an instrument testing scheme to solve the problem of testing and analyzing the composition of steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other materials used in the production of fighter aircraft. In seeking manufacturers, the PAC has been very cautious in seeking suppliers not only in Pakistan, but also in Germany, the United States, Italy, China and seven other countries issued product requirements and tenders for each supplier are reviewed repeatedly. A week later, M. Kaleem Khan, a technical adviser to the Pakistani Aviation Consortium, found us on the Internet, and immediately called our national service hotline after reading our website.

      In March 28th, Shen Zong, manager of the international marketing department, received a call from M. Kaleem Khan. Unlike other customers, M. Kaleem Khan started by asking, "We want high-quality, high-precision direct-reading spectrometers. Do you have a high-quality, fully installed and after-sales direct-reading spectrometer?" M. Kaleem Khan must have consulted a lot of manufacturers before, but failed to meet his requirements, "Yes, Jeb has strict control over every product, from design, production, testing, delivery, from raw material procurement to product delivery every link is carried out layer by layer inspection, thus ensuring that the product. Quality and performance are stable at every site. We promise to provide customers with comprehensive and comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services. Lifelong responsibility system for products will be provided and technical support and technical services will be provided forever. " M. Kaleem Khan finally took a "reassurance". We sincerely invite M. Kaleem Khan to visit our production base in Langxi, Anhui Province, China, for the purpose of meeting this order.

      On April 2, M. Kaleem Khan, accompanied by General Shen, the company's director, inspected the production base of Jebel instruments, and held in-depth discussions on purchasing the direct-reading spectrometer equipment developed and manufactured by our company. M. Kaleem Khan has many years of experience in purchasing analytical equipment. During his visit, he put forward detailed requirements for the design concept, functions and equipment supporting details of the instrument. He also highly recognized and praised the professional nature of our engineering and technical personnel and the "one-stop" sales service and signed it on the spot. The procurement contract for the entire spectrum equipment.
      Yes, Direct Reading Spectrometer. The Pakistani Aviation Consortium chose the brand of Wuxi Jebo. We believe that Jebo has contributed a little to the development of aviation.
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