Direct reading spectrometer brand, Jack's brand.

      Trusted spectrograph with good word-of-mouth, word-of-mouth, is the most primitive way of word-of-mouth transmission, but also the most reliable way! Jabo's direct reading spectrometer is so capricious.
      This is Jack Liu, a foreign trade sales engineer. In early April, our old Algerian customer recommended our direct-reading spectrometer to LOOM DRAPE INDIA PVT. LTD., another company in their machinery industry. As a result, the company's purchasing director quickly contacted us and consulted us about the product. The company mainly engaged in raw material processing, the company's land 1000 mu, production and operation of very large-scale, with advanced production equipment, first-class production process, strict production management, perfect quality control, making it a leader in the industry. We sincerely invite Mr. Markos Mihiretu to visit our production base, Langxi, Anhui Province, China, for the purpose of meeting this order.
     On April 19, Mr. Markos Mihiretu and his assistant translator, Mr. Wang, arrived at the production base of our direct reading spectrometer. Our R&D department was accompanied by hydraulic engineers. Mr. Markos Mihiretu said they had bought this type of direct-reading spectrometer elsewhere before, but the results were unsatisfactory, the sensitivity and accuracy were not up to their requirements, and the process consumed a lot of spare parts. . After listening to them, our engineer, Hydraulic, immediately gave us the solution, introduced the JB-750 direct-reading spectrometer, and tested the samples brought by the customers. We completed a test in only 45S time. We excited the samples by high-energy pre-ignition spark light source, and produced various elements of analysis. The characteristic emission spectra of the elements are received by photoelectric conversion elements, then detected and measured, and processed by computer to obtain the corresponding analytical content. Mr. Markos Mihiretu was very satisfied with the results of our tests. The sensitivity and accuracy of the tests were high, and the operation was simple and convenient, which met their actual requirements. And on the spot signed a complete set of spectroscopic equipment procurement contracts.
     Jabo direct reading spectrometer, we sell not only products, but also the brand of word of mouth.
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